8085 and 8051 bread board trainer



Various input signal and output indicators are available on the trainer itself.


  • 850 points bread board
  • Power supply +5v, 500ma is available in the trainer to use various TTL & CMOS ICs.
  • On board pulsar circuit to provide the mono-pulse to the digital circuits.
  • On board clock circuit to provide the low frequency clock to the digital circuits.
  • 8 digital input logic high low switch.
  • 8 digital output indicators.
  • 20 pin zip sockets to place the various ics and easily perform of the experiments with single chip integrated circuits.
  • one 4 bit BCD to 7 segment indicator to show decimal digit directly in case of counters.
  • 2 mm sockets to make connections via 2mm patch cords.


  • Study and verify various digital circuits
  • 8255 interfacing port connection
  • Peripheral interfacing using 8085/8051/z80 trainer kit
  • I/o interfacing
  • Seven segment interfacing display
  • Various interfacing micro controller circuits