Cathode Ray Oscilloscope


The cathode-ray oscilloscope (CRO) is a common laboratory instrument that provides accurate time and amplitude measurements of voltage signals over a wide range of frequencies. Its reliability, stability, and ease of operation make it suitable as a general purpose laboratory instrument.

  • Highest Sensitivity up to 1mV/div (After Expand)
  • Full band Trig Auto Sweep Circuit
  • Flex Trig mode (Select either CH1 or CH2 Signal / External Signal)
  • Alt-Trig View 2 in relative Signal
  • Ext Trig Input
  • Power Supply : AC 200 ±10%V
Bandwidth AC 10Hz ~ 20MHz (-3dB)

DC ~ 20MHz (-3dB)

Y Deflection 5mV / div ~ 20V / div
Rise Time <18ns,Mag x 5 Accuracy : <5%
Max Input 400V(DC+ACp-p)
Sweep Mode Auto, Trig, Lock, Single
Sweep Rate 0.1μs/div ~ 0.2s/div l-2-5 20 steps, error ±5%
Trig Source Y1, Y2, ALT, Line, Ext, TV-H, TV-V
Min Sync. Level Trig DC ~ 30MHz, Int. 1 div,

Ext. 0.2Vp-p,TV Int. 2div,

Ext. 0.3Vp-p Trig Lock (50Hz ~ 10MHz) Internal 2div

Freq. Response AC : 10Hz ~ 1MHz -3dB

DC : 0 ~ 1MHz -3dB

Z Max. Input 400V (DC+ACp-p)
Min Input Level TTL Level
WaveForm Square wave
Amplitude 1KHz ±2%
Frequency 0.5Vp-p ±2%
Standard Accessor Power Chord, Two 20MHz Oscilloscope Probes, Manual