Compact Microwave Labkit Type MW-1004



Experiment Performed:

  • To measure the polar and linear pattern of Horn Antenna using microprocessor based turn table.

Compact microwave training kits consists of the following Components & Instruments:-


Experimental set up Contain Quantity
Klystron Power Supply 1
Klystron Mount 1
Klystron Tube 1.
Isolator 1
Frequency Meter, Direct Reading Type 1
Variable Attenuator 1.
Microprocessor based Turn Table with Computer Interface for Polar pattern measurement 1
Pyramidal Horn Antenna 2
E-Plane Bend 2
Detector Mount 1
VSWR Meter, Solid State 1
Waveguide Stands 4
Cooling Fan 1
Wg with flanges, L = 15 cm 1
Optional Accessories
Pick-up Horn 1
Broad-wall slot Antenna 1
Narrow wall slot antenna 1
Dielectric Antenna 1
E- Plane Sectoral Horn 1
H- Plane Sectoral Horn 1
Parabolic Dish 1
Waveguide Twist 1
Precision Movable Short 1
Helix Antenna 1
Matched Termination 1