Compact Microwave Labkit Type MW-1009



  • Microwave radiations are mono-chromatic, Plane Polarised and Coherent and they behave like waves. Many laboratory experiments in optics can be performed easily with simple microwave equipments, Reflection, Refraction and polarization including to prove Bragg’s Law can be performed with this microwave Diffraction Spectrometer.
  • It consists of a Goniometer with one stationary and other rotatable arm. Each of these arms has to adjustable stands. These stands hold the transmitting horn on one end and the receiver horn on the other.
  • The Polyfoam containing the steel balls structure is kept in the center. A 0-360° found scale with a pointer is provided to read the position of rotatable arm.


Experiment Performed

  • To prove Bragg’s Law using Microwave Diffraction Spectrometer.


Compact microwave training kits consists of the following Components & Instruments:-

Experimental set up Contain Quantity
Klystron Power Supply 1
Klystron Mount 1
Klystron Tube 1
Variable Attenuator 1
Pyramidal Waveguide Horn 2
Detector Mount 1
Mechanical Turn Table with crystal Structure i.e. Diffraction Spectrometer 1
Waveguide Stands 2
Cooling Fan 1
Direct Reading Frequency Meter 1
Isolator 1
Coaxial to Waveguide Adapter 1
Coaxial Cable N to N 1
VSWR Meter 1