Compact Microwave Labkit Type MW-1001



Following Experiments can be performed using this training kits.

  • To study the Characteristics of Reflex Klystron.
  • To study Frequency, Guide Wavelength & free Space Wavelength.
  • To measure the SWR & Reflection Coefficient.
  • To measure Impedence of a load.
  • This is the basic Microwave test bench using klystron Source.

Compact microwave training kits VX-2001 consists of the following Components & Instruments :-


Experimental set up Contain Quantity
Klystron Power Supply 1
Klystron Mount 1
Klystron Tube 1
Isolator 1
Frequency Meter, Direct Reading Type 1
Variable Attenuator 1
Slotted Section 1
Tunable Probe 1
Detector Mount 1
Movable Short 1
Matched Termination 1
VSWR Meter, Solid State 1
Waveguide Stands 4
Slide Screw Tuner 1
Cooling Fan 1
BNC to BNC Cable 1
BNC to Open Cable 1
Fixed Short 1