Diffraction Experiments OE-7042



This set up is used for studying diffraction when laser light passes through a diffracting element. The device consists of diode laser and diffracting element that can be conveniently fixed on post, which are mounted on the optical rail. One post holds laser head and the other post holds a diffracting element like single slit, double slit, etc. which can be replaced as per requirement.

The laser mount have two dimensional positioning freedoms. This can be used for direct the laser beam to the required point on the diffracting element. The diffraction pattern is projected on to a screen or wall for performing experiments. This elementary apparatus is simple, economical and is well suited for Physics courses.


Experiment Performed

  • Diffraction of light by single slit
  • Diffraction of light by double slit
  • Diffraction of light by single wire
  • Diffraction of light by cross wire
  • Diffraction of light by wire mesh
  • Diffraction of light by transmission grating
  • Diffraction of light by circular aperture (Pinhole)


  • High measurement accuracy
  • Clear and sharp diffraction patterns
  • Assembly of setup is very easy
  • Diffraction elements are fixed to metallic casing for ease of mounting







Experimental set up Contain Quantity
Optical rail with stands length 1000 mm

Kinematic laser mount

Cell mount

Diffraction cells

White screen (Acrylic)

Diode laser < 5mW (650 nm or 532nm)

Diode laser power supply



1 set