Digital IC logic board trainer




  • DC Power Supply: 5 V ± 0.25V / 500 mA (IC based regulated output).
  • Clock Generators: i) Fixed: a. 0.1Hz b. 1Hz. (Simultaneous independent outputs).
  • (TTL, 5V) : ii) Variable: One low frequency variable clock generator.
  • Manual Pulser : One independent bounce less manual Pulser ( useful for freezing the action of each stage of the counter after every clock pulse ).
  • Logic Level Inputs : Eight independent logic level inputs to select High / Low TTL levels, each with a LED to indicate high / low status and termination.
  • Logic Level : Eight independent buffered logic level indicators for High / Low status.
  • Indicators : indication of digital outputs.
  • Seven segment decoder : One BCD to Seven Segment Decoder/ Driver IC with terminations.
  • Continuity Tester : Audio / Visual indication.
  • ZIF socket : IC’s up to 40 pin Universal ZIF Socket ( without soldering).
  • Power On : Power ON switch with indicator for mains on indication and fuse for protection.
  • Patch Cords : Set of 20 assorted colored multi-stand wires with 2mm stackable plug termination at both ends.( Stackable )
  • Power Requirement : 230V + 10% single phase AC.
  • Instruction manual : One detailed instruction manual with well thought out experiments covering the above topics.