Frequency meter


Direct Reading Type

  • Direct reading frequency meter are absorption type frequency meter to give direct frequency on the dial provided. These are recommended for use whenever quick determination of frequency and easy readings are desired in laboratory and production testing.
  • These consists of a section of waveguide connected to a tunable resonant cavity of high Q. The cavity absorbs some power at resonant frequency. These are designed to have 5 MHz resolution & off resonance VSWR of 1.01.


Model No MW-3031 MW-3032 MW-3033 MW-3034 MW-3035 MW-3036
Frequency Range (Ghz) 3.95-5.8 5.85-8.2 8.2-12.4 12.4-18.0 18.0-26.0 26.0-40.0
Waveguide Type (WR-) 187 137 90 62 42 28
Flange Type (UG-/U) 149A 344 39 419 595 599