GUNN power Supply MW- 2022



GUNN power Supply MW- 2022

  • Model MW- 2022 Gunn Power Supply has been designed to operate high frequency Gunn Oscillators and where PIN Modulators are not available, In this supply variable frequency square Wave modulation is provided on the bias supply itself.
  • Front panel digital meter reads the Gunn Bias Voltage and the current drawn by the Gunn-Diode through a switch.
  • This consists of a regulated D.C. power supply 2.0 to 1 2.0 V variable and a square wave generator of variable frequency 850 to 1150 Hz.




Model No. MW- 2022
Gunn Bias Voltage 1 to 1 2 V
Current 0 to 1.0 A
Regulation 0.2% for ± 1 0 mains variation
Modulation Selector Switch CW& INT.
Modulation Frequency 850 to 11 50 Hz square-wave
Output Connector BNC (F) for Gunn Bias
Digital Panel Meter Read Gunn bias voltage & current drawn
Mains 230 V, 50 Hz 35 Watts
Std. Accessories i) Mains Cable (1 No.)

ii) Coax. Cable BNC to BNC (1 No.)

iii) Spare Fuse (2 Nos.)

iv) Instruction Manual (1 No.)