KLYSTRON Power Supply solid state MW- 2030


KLYSTRON power supply solid state MW- 2030

Klystron power supply, Model MW – 2030 is a state of art solid state solid state, regulated power supply for operating low power klystrons.


  • Regulated beam supply, Repeller and Filament supply voltages.
  • Overload TRIP protection for beam supply output.
  • LED digital metering for beam voltage, current and repeller voltage.
  • Standby mode.
  • Ultra compact and reliable.
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance.

In addition to AM and FM modulation of Beam Current a provision for externally modulating the klystron supply with desired signal waveform has been provided. A carefully handling of instrument will provided years of trouble free service.



Input Voltage 230VAC, ±10%, 50 Hz
Beam Supply Voltage : 240- 400 Vdc, Variable Current : 50 mA
Regulation : 0.5% for 10% I/P variation Ripple: <5mv RMS
Repeller Supply 10-270 Vdc, Variable Regulation : 0.25% for 10% I/P variation
Filament Supply 6.3V dc
Over-load Trip Current 65 mA
Frequency Range
AM (Square)           FM (Saw -Tooth)
500-2500 Hz          150-300 Hz
0-110 V                     0-65 V
Through external Modulating Signal
Display Digital display for (1) Beam voltage

(2) Beam Current,
(3) Repeller Voltage

Standby Mode Only Heater Supply ON
Connectors (1) 8-Pin Octal Socket for Klystron,

(2) BNC (F) for external Modulation
(3) 2-Pin Socket for Cooling Fan

(4) BNC (F) for Saw-tooth Monitoring

Mechanical Dimensions 26.5(L) X 13(H) X 20(D) Cms Weight – 5.6 kg
Standard Accessories i) Mains Cable (1 No.)
ii) Coaxial Cable BNC – BNC (1 No.)
iii) Spare Fuses (2 Nos.)
iv) Instruction Manual (1 No.)