Microwave power meter MW- 2016



  • Model MW-2016  is an Automatic Self Balancing Power Meter 0-18 GHz. It measures RF Power with the help of temperature compensated Thermistor Mount from 10;uW to 10mW full scale with 1 % accuracy from 10 MHz to 40 GHz (depend upon type of Thermistor Mount).
  • With calibration factor control switch, MW-2016 normalizes the Power Meter reading to compensate the efficiency of used Thermistor Mount.
  • MW-2016 has provision for substitution measurements and Power Meter calibration. Output is provided for recorder or Digital Voltmeter readout.




Instrument Type Model MW-2016 , Digital Power Meter
Power Range Four Ranges With Full Scale Readings of 10uW, 1 00u.W, 1mW and 10mW
Accuracy ± 1 % of fullscale on Milliwatt range And ± 2.5% on Micro Watt Range
Fine Zero Automatic, operated by Front Panel Switch
Zero Carryover Less than 0.5% of fullscale when zeroed on most Sensitive Range
Calibration 1 1 -position Switch normalizes Meter Factor Control Readings to account for Thermister Range
Recorder Proportional to indicated Power with output 1 Volt corresponding to fullscale 1 kOhm output Impedance.
Bridge Ouput (VRF and VComp), Direct Connection to Thermistor Bridges: Used in Calibration and Precision power measurement
POWER 230v  ± 10% AC 50Hz, 10 Watts
SIZE 20x15x25 cm
Standard Accessories (i) Mains Cable – 1 No.

(ii) Spare Fuse – 2 Nos.

(iii) Instruction Manual -1 No.

Optional Accessories (i) Connecting Cable for Thermistor Mount at AT-211 B is available on extra cost.

(ii) Temperature compensated Thermistor Mount Model: HP-8478B, 10MHz – 18 Ghz (Make Agilient or else) may be supplied.