P-N junction & zener diode characteristics trainer



Trainer used to study characteristics

  1. Forward Bias Characteristics of P-N Junction Diode
  2. Forward Bias Characteristics of Zener Diode

Kit comprises of 2 Analog/Digital meters

  1. Dual Range Voltmeter-3V/30V.
  2. Dual Range Ammeter 150uA/15mA.
  3. Meter ranges are selectable with toggle switches.

Components are given on board behind the panel

  1. P-N Junction Diode Silicon 1N4007
  2. P-N Junction Diode Germanium OA79
  3. Zener Diode 6.2V
  4. Zener Diode 8.2V


  • Two IC Regulated power supplies are given on board.
  • Dual Power Supply 3V/30V at 150mA Switch Selectable.
  • Front plate built with high class insulated Printed Circuit Board sheet with well printed circuits and symbols.
  • Supplied with instruction manual.
  • Operated on Mains power 230V, 50Hz.
  • Supplied with sufficient nos. of patch cords & power inlet cable.
  • Supply provided through the 3 pin computer socket with appropriate fuse.
  • The trainer is housed in plastic cabinet to avoid shock.
  • Size of the trainer set 10”x8”.